Impact: Student Ministries for Grades 6-12

At Impact, students will be exposed to and experience God’s incredible love for them in a way that is real, relevant, relaxed and relational. Our ministry team is committed to making every student’s church experience a great one!  Recent studies show that today’s teenagers are more stressed and anxious than ever before.  Impact Student Ministries is a place where teens not only connect with God but also a place where they can relax, have fun, and build relationships. Our goal is to create a worship experience where teens are eager and excited about attending church. Our Impact Student ministry exists to:

Entice Students to Come
To Our Service: Our goal to create an enticing environment where students feel welcome, desire to attend, and actively invite their friends.  We want teens to come to our services because we believe we offer something that will greatly impact their lives. 
To God: Our desire is that we not only entice students to come to our services, but everyone attending will hear the truth and make a decision to live their lives for God.  We want to entice students to come to our services, but more importantly to God.

Encourage them to Belong
Everyone wants to belong.  At an age where acceptance is critical, we encourage students to not only attend, but to belong.  We do this by welcoming every student no matter their size, shape, color, or spiritual background.  Everyone is welcome, and we want them to belong and become a part of our family.  

Engage in Relevant Worship
We want to present opportunities for students to engage (a mental connection that occupies their attention) in relevant (real, honest, genuine) worship (reverent honor paid to God). We want their relationship with God to be transformed through worship.

Enable them to Grow
Our goal is for every student who graduates from our ministry to be more mature in Christ than when they began with us.  We know that we won’t always be around to guide every decision students make.  So we enable (to make possible or easy) students to Grow (to increase by natural development).  We help them to grow by teaching students to study and find God’s truth.  We don’t believe in a spoon-fed approach.  We want every student who leaves our ministry to continue growing because they are able to “feed” themselves the Word of God.

Equip Students for Ministry
We believe every Christian Believer is gifted and called to serve God in a unique way.  Therefore, we equip (provide the tools needed) students to minister to others using their God-given talents and abilities.  We sponsor several service-related projects throughout the year that students may participate in.

Empower Leaders.
Our philosophy is to train, equip, and empower other leaders (adults and students) to lead and support our Student Ministry.  Our ministry is not built around one individual, but a network of people who are passionate about students. We currently meet every Wednesday night for a time of crazy fun and fellowship, intense worship, and studying God's Word together. This is a great environment to meet new people and draw closer to God. We look forward to seeing you at our next service!

Café and Game Room
Every Wednesday night from 6:15 - 6:55 p.m., our café and game room is open for students to hang out, grab a bite to eat, play some games, unwind, and release some energy before service.  The café and game room re-open after service until 8:30 p.m. to give another opportunity for the students to hang out and connect with their friends.  Parents should be prompt in picking up their child by 8:30 p.m.     

Our game room offers a lounge area for students to chat with their friends as well as an assortment of game tables where students can play pool, air hockey, foosball, and ping pong.  Or they can hang out in our computer lab where students play various games approved by our leadership. Wireless internet is also available for students that would like to bring their laptop computers.

Our café is open to serve students a variety of low cost foods such as soda, candy bars, cheese sticks, mini burgers, egg rolls, and much more.  Students will be able to eat well for less than $2.  We sell $10 café gift cards for just $9 and will keep these on file for students, if desired.    

Events and Activities
Throughout the year, we offer a variety of different events and activities designed to fulfill our 6 Elements.  Permission slips must be completed for most events.  For more information on our upcoming events, review our Calendar.


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