Get Connected at Celebration Church!

We are so pleased that you are considering making Celebration your home, and want to make your experience with us both positive and enriching.  There are just a few steps you can take to make your introduction to our church family easy and comfortable for you and your family.   There are many ways for you to get connected with God and others through the ministries of our church.   We want you to receive the love, support, and encouragement everyone needs to live an abundant life in Christ.  So step in – step up - step out, and experience all that God has for you.

Your First Step – Attend the Newcomer’s Reception (Step in to Fellowship)

Your Second Step – Join a LIFE Group (Step in to LIFE)

Your Third Step – Attend the Discovery Class (Step in to Discovery)

Your Fourth Step – Serve in Ministry (Step in to Service)

Step in to Fellowship

Ministries: Toddlers, Children, Students, Young Adults, Senior Adults, Women and Men

As an introduction to our church, we invite you to attend a Newcomer's Reception. This provides you with the opportunity to personally meet our Ministry Team, their spouses, and other newcomers. Light refreshments are served in a casual environment. There's no agenda. We just want to get to know you, and provide you with an opportunity to get connected with us and others. The Newcomer's Reception is offered several times a year and is held in Room 105 located adjacent to our Sanctuary. Dates for this event are published in our bulletin and on our calendar. You should RSVP by signing up in the lobby or by emailing our Administrative Secretary. Contact the church office for more information about the Newcomer's Reception.

Celebration offers a variety of fellowship ministries for you and your family.  These ministries are designed to meet your individual needs at whatever stage of life you are in.  You may choose to participate in one or several of these fellowships as appropriate for you and your family.  Get connected by considering one of the following fellowship Ministries:  Children, Students, Young Adults, Senior Adults, Women, and Men.  Activities, dates, and times for each of these groups are advertised in our bulletin or on our calendar.  If you have questions about any of these fellowship ministries, contact the appropriate ministry leader or our church office.

Step in to LIFE

Our Sunday morning LIFE Groups are not only designed to enhance your spiritual growth, but will also help you develop friendships and get connected with God and others.  Our LIFE Groups meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.  Our small groups are established according to age since people at the same stage in life generally have some things in common.  In addition to Sunday morning prayer, Bible study, and relationship building, our groups meet quarterly for a fellowship activity.   Our goal is to help you develop healthy, long-term relationships with God and others.   We want you to find a place where you can belong and grow with others.   Contact our Discipleship Pastor for more information about LIFE Groups.

Step in to Discovery

Get connected to our church through discovery.  We want you to become familiar with our local and international church by attending a Discovery Class.  During this class, we will provide you with an overview of the Church of God, share our doctrinal beliefs, discuss the spiritual gifts outlined in the Bible, and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions about our church.  This class is prerequisite for membership.  The Discovery class meets one evening a month or on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.  Dates, times, and locations are listed in our bulletin and on our calendar.  Contact the church office for more information about the Discovery Class. 

Step in to Service

We have been gifted by God and are created to serve others using our gifts, talents, and abilities.  Serving in ministry not only blesses others but also brings a wealth of personal satisfaction.  It also provides another opportunity to get connected and build relationships with others.  After you have completed the Discovery Class and your spiritual gifts questionnaire, you will meet with a ministry leader to discuss your gifts and potential ministry areas where you may serve.   There are numerous ministries at Celebration that you may participate in including the following:  Children’s Ministries to include working in the nursery, teaching, and assisting in Children’s Church or Next Generation; Student Ministries to include teaching, assisting with the student worship service or events, and working in the café;  Hospitality to include greeters, ushers, and the information table; Fine Arts to include choir, worship team, band, or interpretive dance;  Heart 2 Hand Ministries to include the food bank, community and world outreach;  Teaching Ministries to include teaching an adult LIFE Group or Bible class or teaching children; Support Ministries to include working in our facilities, office or a variety of other areas.  There is a place for you to serve! 

Our Ministry Team is here to help and serve you.  You may contact any of our TEAM for assistance or information pertaining to their specific areas of ministry. 


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